Low Tide Bookmarklet

What Is It?

When you run the WAVE extension on a page, all this stuff gets added. The only way to get rid of it is to refresh the page. This makes the WAVE extension a pain to use on Single Page Apps.

The Low Tide bookmarklet cleans all that up, setting the page back to the way it was before you ran the WAVE extension.

Unfortunately, one thing it doesn't do is reset the status of the WAVE extension. Once you run it, the icon changes colour and a flag gets set as being run. If you try to run it again, the page refreshes. So you're kinda screwed if you run it, then run Low Tide, then need to run WAVE again.

How To Use It

Just drag the Low Tide link to your Bookmark toolbar, or add to a Bookmarks folder. Then after you run the WAVE extension, after you're done with the results, run the Low-Tide bookmarklet.